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    • Barallel: wine and beer bar, microbrewery, charcuterie/cheese platters (Tuesday-Saturday 5PM-2AM)
    • The Hopscotch: beer, whisky and gin Scottish-themed bar, microbrewery, pub food, outside seating (Monday-Sunday 4PM-2AM, 3AM Sunday morning)
    • Le Bièrographe: craft beer bar, finger food (Monday-Tuesday 5:30PM-12AM, Wednesday-Friday 5:30PM-2AM, Saturday: 4:30PM-2:30AM)
    • The George and Dragon: English pub (Monday-Friday: 3PM-2AM, Saturday 3PM-3AM, Sunday: 5PM-1AM)
    • Delirium café: beers and spirit, food, large group seatings (Sunday-Friday 11:30AM–2AM, Saturday 11:30AM–3AM)
    • The Melting Pot: traditional English pub (Monday-Sunday 12PM-2AM)
    • La Cale sèche: the bar for all Rhum lovers (Monday-Saturday 6PM-2AM)
    • The Black Lion: fancy beer and wine bar, finger food with terrace (Monday-Saturday: 8:30AM-2AM, Sunday: 12PM-2AM)
    • N5: Wine bar elected 'Best Wine Bar in the world' in 2018 (Tuesday-Saturday: 6PM-12AM)
    • The London Town: A traditional English pub (Monday-Friday: 3PM-2AM, Saturday 3PM-3AM, Sunday: 5PM-1AM)


    • Forno Gusto: pizza and ice-cream (Monday-Sunday: 12–2PM, 6–10PM)
    • Le Dahu: Nice cuisine with vegetarian options (Monday-Friday: 7PM-12AM, Saturday and Sunday: 12PM-2PM, 7PM-12AM)
    • L'Aubrac: All-you-can-eat cheese, charcuterie and foie gras restaurant for meat lovers (Sunday-Friday: 12PM-2PM, 7:30PM-12AM, Saturday: 7:30PM-12AM)
    • Silex et Fourchette: palaeo-food with vegetarian options (Monday-Saturday: 10:30AM-5:30PM)
    • La Gourmandine: Urban Bistrot (Tuesday-Saturday: 12:00AM-23:00PM).
    • L'Ô Zen Bistro: Traditional market cuisine (Monday-Friday: 12:00AM-2:00PM, 7:00-10:00PM).



  • Le Marché des Carmes: indoor market, for food, drinks, and others, surrounded by many bars and restaurants (Tuesday to Sunday 7 AM-1:30 PM)
  • Le Marché Victor Hugo: indoor market, for food, drinks, and others, restaurants and bars on the first floor (Tuesday to Sunday 6 AM-2 PM)
  • Marché Arnaud Bernard: outdoor market, for fresh, local, organic goods, located within 2 mins of the conference venue (Saturday 7 AM-1:30 PM)
  • Marché bio de l'Esparcette: outdoor market, for fresh, local, organic goods ONLY (Tuesday and Saturday 8 AM-2PM)
  • Museum de Toulouse: this is the local Natural History Museum, which hosts the 2nd largest collection in France (Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM-6 PM)
  • Musée Saint Raymond: this is the Archaeological Museum of Toulouse, with a main focus on Antiquity in southern France, it hosts the 2nd largest collection of Roman sculptures in France after Le Louvre (Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM-6 PM)
  • Le Chateau d'Eau: this is the first public institution dedicated to photography in France (Tuesday to Sunday 1 PM-7 PM)
  • Les Abattoirs: this is the local art centre for Contemporary Art, located in what used to be the municipal slaughterhouses (Wednesday to Sunday 12 PM-6 PM)
  • La Cité de l'Espace: this is a museum built around the wonders of space and the universe (Monday to Sunday, 10 AM-6 PM)
  • La Halle de la Machine: an exhibition of performance machines, each moving and telling a tale (Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM-7 PM)
  • Let's Visit Airbus: visit the largest Airbus plant in Europe, where all Airbus planes are assembled (Monday to Saturday, 8 AM-7 PM)




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Around Toulouse

Medieval Fortress of Carcassonne:

Carcassonne was settled as early as the 6th century BC and later became an important Roman town. It was fortified in the 4th century and was a strategic site in the Middle Ages. It took on its definitive shape in the 13th century with the king’s decision to construct the distinctive double-walled ramparts and extend the castle. The city was restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century and is a testimony to 1,000 years of military architecture and 2,500 years of history. It was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.

Carcassonne is located within an hour train distance from Toulouse. Return tickets can be purchased directly at the 'Gare Matabiau' train station, with departure times starting from 9AM. Once arrived, a 30 minutes walk through the city center and across the river “l’Aude” will lead you to the medieval fortress where different visit options can be purchased. The full visit can be carried out within one day, and a number of trains are available to return to Toulouse between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

For more info, please visit the official website

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